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Taking public transport in Albania takes time. Our bus didn’t leave on time, so we arrived in the late afternoon at the bus station, just outside of the city. However, the ride from Tirana to Berat was pretty smooth. Minutes after arriving a local bus arrived. My friend and I hopped on, hoping it would take us towards Berat’s old town. Although we weren’t 100% sure, all the other tourists followed. We were staying in the Gorica part of town, across the river. It is one half of the Unesco protected part of the city. Our hostel was in one of the typical local houses that Berat is known for. They spread out from the river all the way up the hill and create the most picturesque cityscape. When we saw the river we hit the stop button. It was only a short walk to the hostel. I was eager…

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If you don’t drive a motorbike your options are a bit limited in the Thai town of Pai. There is so much to see, but there is so little to see in town. I’d already walked up to the big Buddha and checked out the pool at Fluid and I just needed to see some of that stunning scenery everyone always talks about. After checking out all the available day trips I decided to go to Lod cave. It didn’t matter which operator I chose, since they all offered exactly the same thing. So I booked one that picked me up from the hostel. I was getting a bit nervous since the van was late. She did say pick up at the hostel right? She didn’t speak English that well. Did I misunderstand? But, a little late, the van showed up. It was full by the time we drove out…

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I got back to the hostel and was ready to jump in the shower. But in hostel life, things change in no time. Two of my roommates said they were going to the tiger cave temple. Although the tigers have left, there is an incredible view from the top of the 1237 steps to the golden Buddha. It was something that was on my to do list. When one of the guys said it was perfect for sunset, I decided to come along. Between the four of us that were going we got a good deal on a taxi. Unfortunately we were a little late, so we didn’t have time to explore the temple complex. We went straight for the steps. It turns out that 1237 steps is pretty high. Most of the steps were normal size, but some were more like double the height of a normal one. It was definitely a good…

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Working isn’t always bad. This photo was taken on a ferry trip from mainland Italy to the Island Sardinia. After a long day of work, the trip was extremely relaxing and we were rewarded by a sparkling sunset. This photo represents the freedom I felt being on the road. Like what you see? Help me in the Big blog exchange. Vote for me via the button and don’t forget to confirm your vote by email. Thanks a million!  

They say Uluru looks different every time you visit it. It’s colors keep changing with the light, from red to purple and back. So before you leave this national park, make sure you’ve seen a sunset or sunrise. On my visit the rock looked bright red, almost orange, during the day. As the sun was setting it turned more towards purple. There is a special parking space for a good sunset view.  Don’t expect to have it all to yourself though. This secret already got out and there will be masses of people to share the moment with!