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I was just walking through the streets of Singapore, trying to get a feel for the city. There were tall skyscrapers and colorful buildings, a river and restaurants. Then I suddenly see these chairs standing in a row. Upon closing inspection they are chained to the fence. The ordinary became extraordinary. How can a random selection of old chairs be so important?

Subway stations are often pretty dull places where people come to get from A to B. Sometimes you have to walk through long, dark tunnels to get from one train to the next. Luckily a lot of cities are changing this by decorating the waiting areas and walkways. This is a shot of a cool tunnel that leads to the gardens by the bay, a pretty neat place itself. The tunnel has mirrors alternated with floral prints. Because of the mirrors it seems like there are many layers that go on to infinity. I think this is a pretty cool way to walk to a park. Sorry for the horrible lighting in the picture!

Ailsa’s weekly travel theme for this week is Blossom. At the moment I’m at the wrong side of the globe to find the blossoming flowers. Here, the air is getting chilly, the days are short, and the flowers have turned into dry, yellow and brown remnants of summer. So here’s a flower from my collection. This one I saw on a tree in Singapore. I love its color and the promise of more flowers to come.

Singapore is a crazy city, full of shopping malls and extraordinary places. A place I loved is gardens by the bay. This is not just any garden, but one full of artificial super trees. It is a bizarre sight, the manmade trees surrounded by fields of grass. The trees are about 25 tot 50 meters high and inside the structures grow actual plants. If you want you can take an elevator to the top of one of the trees and walk across the walkway to go back down on the next tree. This week Ailsa’s travel theme is gardens. Check out more entries to this challenge here on Where’s my Backpack?

Just under a year ago I visited the Art Science museum in Singapore for an exhibition consisting of Lego bricks. As a kid I loved Lego and I still can’t part with the bricks I collected back then. This exhibition took things to a whole new level though. All these bricks are glued together into the most spectacular statues. This is an example from the series of human emotions. This post was inspired by Ailsa’s travel theme; Yellow.

Fairytales teach us about the world. Every story tells about morals and teaches a lesson. We know Hansel and Gretel and Little red riding hood.  In Singapore kids learn a very different lesson; don’t go to hell.

The Buddhist values are passed on to the younger generation via stories. To get an idea of these stories you can walk through Haw Par Villa, a park full of statues. Its design comes from the beginning of the 20th century and displays scenes of the Chinese mythology. It is very graphic and doesn’t leave much room for your own interpretation.

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Flying with Airasia is cheap, but as a backpacker I wanted the very cheapest I could find. So I figured out that flying from the Johor Bahru airport in Malaysia is cheaper than flying from Singapore airport. Airasia even provided free bus travel from Singapore. Making my way to Johor Bahru from the center of Singapore proved a bit challenging and nerve-wracking. My journey started well on time at the Queen Street bus station in Singapore. I had noticed a huge line of people in the previous days, so knew to account for some extra time. The busses don’t have appointed seats, so it’s first come first serve. It wasn’t too busy this time. At home I’d already printed my ticket, so I stepped into the bus. I received some mumbling from the driver but I didn’t get it until he pointed to a small shack. I had to exchange…

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