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You know that little cute rooster on top of churches? It was always a cool little thing, until I stared it straight in its eyes. In an old church in Riga I found an old rooster, now retired and stored in a room full of curiosities. That tiny little thing suddenly looked huge! Without the sun sparkling off its bronzen/golden skin it looked kind of sad. From the glorious top of the church, it’s sunk into the dark corners of it. Retirement is never glamorous.

When I was in Riga spring and winter were competing. There were sunny days where the snow started melting and the streets were covered in a mixture of snow and big puddles of brown water. Winter didn’t give in and just added some new snow and a fresh wind that went through all your clothes. Riga was still pretty though, no matter what the weather was. I wrapped myself in some warm clothes and set off to explore the museums. Firstly I went to a church where you can climb the tower for a view over the city. Inside, an old lady told me exactly which ticket I needed and directed me up the stairs. On the second floor was an old, no ancient, elevator. The doors opened showing another old lady, reading a magazine on a small stool next to a small heater. With a big jolt the elevator started to move. I couldn’t…

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