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We all know Dracula as the bloodsucking, evil creature made up by Bram Stoker. He’s got long corner teeth, or fangs, a cape, slick black hair and preferably some blood running from the corner of his mouth. And somehow he’s usually portrayed with his hands out like claws. Long story short: he’s out to get you. But once upon a time there was a real Dracula. Vlad Dracula, or Vlad the impaler, wasn’t the nicest of boys either, but he wasn’t known for sucking people’s blood. This man was a prince of Wallachia, a region that is now part of Romania. For the longest time Wallachia paid off the Turks so they wouldn’t invade, but take care of the small country. But Vlad was fed up with this and wanted freedom for his country. He stopped the payments and had to defend his country somehow. Cruel as he was he…

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