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To go for a bushwalk you often don’t even need to go too far from the city. Around Sydney there are a few beautiful walks that make you feel like you’re not near the city at all. Here are some details from my walks in the Royal national park and on North Head near Manly.   Stunning right? And then you haven’t even seen the views yet!

Newcastle, just north of Sydney, is a very Industrial city. It is well known coal for its coal that gets shipped everywhere. The harbour is a fascinating place to visit and look how the massive ships get in and out. This fisherman’s got it.

Every day is an adventure! You might not be bungyjumping, skydiving, rafting or trekking through the jungle, but every day is an adventure when you follow your dreams. I never really know what my day will bring. My life comes with challenges and the unexpected. You can plan as much as you want, but one thing’s for certain, the plan will always change. Take this random work day in Australia. Even getting to work was an adventure!

Sydney’s CBD and all its buildings are iconic. The skyline with the bridge and opera house are very recognizable and ridiculously photogenic. You can get some amazing photos from the ferry to Manly, but my favorite spot was the park on the other side of the harbour bridge. In Milsons Point lies the Bradfield park, where you can also find the Luna park. Time your visit in the golden hour and get a beautifully lit CBD on your photos. I loved the ferries on the water, the people walking through the park, the joggers and that skyline that never bores you.

Most people go to the Blue mountains on a day trip from Sydney. They arrive in Katoomba, take happy snaps of the three sisters, stroll around town and take a ride in the cable car. Although I love Katoomba, the Blue mountains deserve better exploration. I spent about a week there and still there is more to explore. Take Wenworth Falls. If you’re based in Katoomba, Wenworth Falls is just a short and cheap train ride away. Once there, you can take the Darwin walk to a waterfall. Walk a bit further and you’ll see the impressive Wenworth Falls itself. From there the view is good, but there are more walks to explore. You can descend into valley following the rock walls. A trail called National pass takes you to even more waterfalls via dozens of steps. The walls are impressive, with water dripping down the colored sandstone. It was…

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I love seeing some good street art, especially when it’s unexpected and catches you off guard. While walking around Sydney my friend directed me to a laneway near the City Recital Hall, called Angel Place. It’s in the heart of the CBD and yet off the radar. When my friend talked about bird cages I was a bit hesitant. Why is this so cool? Arring in the alley I was immediately wowed by this installation. There are dozens of bird cages and when you stand underneath one of them, you’ll hear a bird song! Pretty special if you ask me. The art is called forgotten songs, for the songs of the birds that lived in this city once upon a time.

If you’re poor like me and don’t have the money to spend on climbing the Harbour bridge, you might have to make do with crossing it. Working in Sydney, I crossed this bridge daily on my commute to work and yet it never bored me and thus I set off to walk across the bridge in my last days in Sydney. From the Rocks you enter the walkway towards the bridge. For the true experience you can go to the pylon lookout. Inside are several levels that explore the building of the harbour bridge. Of course you can also take the 200 steps to the view point, looking out over the city and harbour from 87 meters above the sea. Every two staircases you can find fountains to drink from and benches for a rest, so it’s even suitable for people who aren’t super athletic. At the other side of the…

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I just got back from doing the Six Foot Track, but still had plenty to explore in the Blue Mountains. I walked like a wooden doll, sore from the long walk and it took some time for my muscles to engage. Luckily the three sisters can be seen from a viewing platform that’s suitable for wooden dolls. Every guide book and flyer of the Blue Mountains will picture this rock formation, so you can’t really miss it. It is a big touristic area with shops and a cable car. The Aboriginal legend says that the three sisters were in love with men from another tribe, even though this was not done. When the men came to claim their women with violence, the tribe turned the women into stone. After the violence they were meant to be turned back to live, but unfortunately the man who was supposed to make this…

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I had a short break after my afternoon adventure. Sometimes I’m scared in the dark. You always hear you shouldn’t be walking around parks and forests in the dark and here I was, walking into the forest at sunset. It wasn’t fully dark yet, but the trees didn’t let any light through and I was using my torch. Suddenly some sort of bush rat crosses the path in front of me and I jump. He froze when my light hit him. Then I leave the ‘rat’ and follow the steps down. Then I hear some rustling in the bushes. I turned around and shine my light, just in time to see a black shadow moving. It seemed to be the size of a dog. Spooky. Hero that I am I rushed further down, my eyes pointed at my feet so I wouldn’t be afraid of my own shadow. As I…

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The good thing about living in Sydney for a while, is that you have the time to see all the smaller and lesser known activities around the city. If I were a tourist on a busy schedule, I wouldn’t have visited the small Justice & Police museum. During a weekend with too much time on my hands, I discovered it was worth a trip. The building housing the museum used to be a police station and inside you can still see some rooms in the original state, like the reception area and one of the cells. Besides this, there was a courtroom with information about the clothing of attorneys and judges. Where I always thought a solicitor and a barrister where one and the same, here I learned the barrister works in the higher court. Both fall under the term lawyers though. The museum has a good collection of weapons…

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